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Escape to the Balearic Islands

Escape to the Balearic Islands

Hi Guys,

Summer time in London is beautiful. But so is the rest of Europe. It’s a struggle we live with every year we are here! The problem is, (first world I know) we want to go everywhere! We want to return to our favourite cities and countries, we want more Summer time in London! But sadly we can’t have both as well as carve career paths and be “sensible”.

So Summer 19’ we had family visit us which was a good chance for a beach escape. Can you guess where we chose to go? The heading gives it away doesn’t it! Haha anyway, Ibiza & Majorca were the chosen ones.


Places to eat & stay..

As we only had 2 nights in Ibiza we didn’t have time to check out too many restaurants. BUT the two that we did eat at, were amazing, so I’m glad I can recommend them to you. Everyone that knows me, understands that I like to seek out, not only the most Instagram-able but the most delectable restaurant/cafes.

We stayed in an area called Cap Negret, which is a 10 minute taxi drive from San Antonio. The hotel was called La Torre Ibiza and one of their offerings was the terrace restaurant that is famous for the best view on the island. And as you can see from my images above, it did not disappoint. The menu consisted of a Mediterranean cuisine and the most delicious Aperol Spritz! It’s got a prime location sitting of the edge of a cliff, if your game enough you can wander down and jump in the ocean (at your own risk, sea’s can be rough). The only downside is that there is no pool, but if you have a hire car or scooter, there are loads of secret coves that you can find. We ran out of time to seek out those hidden spots but we will save that for another trip. You can also ‘beach hop’ via speed boats, which you will find stalls down in San Antonio Bay.

The second restaurant was a recommended to us by the staff at La Torre and it is their sister hotel which is a new build in San Antonio Bay. We wanted to check out that area so we thought it was perfect. Plus they had a pool that we could use for free as we were guests of La Torre. This hotel and restaurant was called La Mimosas Ibiza. Beautiful and not a bad location, I do recommend if you stay here to have a hire car or just grab a taxi into the town centre. It’s a 4* boutique hotel in a secluded area that offers a relaxing spa. I snuck off to grab a massage and fell into heaven.


After our stay in Ibiza it was time to wind down and we boarded a very short flight to Majorca. We highly recommend flying. It was about the same price as booking the ferry and far more time efficient. But if time isn’t an issue and you want to save a dollar then by all means go for the ferry.

We flew into Palma, the capital of Majorca. Hiring a car seemed to be the most convenient way to get around the island so that’s exactly what we did.

Where to stay..

We drove 45 minutes north to Alcudia where we set up camp for the next 4 days. If you’re looking for a quiet and beautiful old town, this is where to go. All of the locals were so friendly and inviting. We stayed in a beautiful little boutique hotel called Forum Boutique Hotel & Spa, which is located with the walls of the old town in Alcudia. We couldn’t have scored a better place. The hotel had only been open for 1 month prior to us arriving and the receptionist Damian was extremely welcoming and contributed to our stay being amazing.

A complimentary breakfast was included in our stay as well as a champagne breakfast if you like a fancy start to your day. The rooms were a great size and very stylish. The pool is cute and quaint, but it does the job for an afternoon dip.

On day 1 we decided to find a secluded beach and I found one close by using Maps.Me (which I swear by while travelling.) This beach was only accessible via boat or a very steep decline cliff walk. I didn’t realise it was going to be as challenging as it was and I think my mum wanted to kill me, but we got there in the end. You’ll see in my photos below that we met some cute mountain goats along thew way and they ended up following us all the way down to the beach. It was such an unreal experience. If you do choose to walk here, pack lots of water and some snacks as there are no stalls here at all! An umbrella and beach won’t go astray either.

We hope we inspired you to book a trip to Majorca or Ibiza and thank you for reading!


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