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How to keep your wardrobe fresh while travelling!

How to keep your wardrobe fresh while travelling!

Hello :) Britney here!

So today I wanted to talk about fashion and how to keep your suitcase full of clothes fresh while travelling. I am currently in Hong Kong. This is my 5 month on the road living out of the same bag! I am not gonna lie and say its easy, because we all know new clothes make us ladies feel 100 times better! Well, for me it does anyway and when your on a budget you have to make do and get creative with what you got!

So I have chosen a couple of key pieces from my current suitcase and styled them 2 different ways to show you guys how to turn your 'same old' clothes into something new and exciting! What you might not notice is that with each versatile piece, I have always paired it back with a wardrobe essential.. Like a plain t-shirt, denim skirt or linen crop etc..

Here's a little tip to help you!

  1. I suggest laying your clothes out on your bed, piece by piece before packing.
  2. Start with your favourite skirt or top.
  3. Now you can continue to match your other clothing pieces and see how many looks you can get out of that one favourite item.

Easy! Now, check out my looks below.

  • A basic MAXI SKIRT can be so versatile! This one is from H&M, its nice and light weight, which means its easy to manipulate into what ever vibe you're feeling. 
  1. Get creative and go for a printed or slogan tee. Finish the look off with some cool sneakers for that edgier, casual scene.

2. Here I wore my skirt as a cute summer dress! I added a belt to create a waist and paired it with some strappy sandals for a more feminine look.

  • Next up, you can't go wrong with a white button up shirt. Do not over estimate this bad boy. Just make sure you wash it yourself or when you hand it over to the dry cleaners, do specify to separate it from colours. I have lost a few beloved white shirts this trip to not so nice greens, greys and pink hues!

1. This one isn't rocket science, but it seriously transforms your look! Knot it up as high or low as you please! 

2. I tend to go for a longer and more relaxed button up shirt. Reasons being, that its more flexible to tuck in, tie up or just hang loose.

  • This time I am mixing it up with a flowy, mini skirt from an Australian brand, PREMONITION DESIGNS. I don't normally wear too much print, but this one is quite subtle. The silky, soft fabric and design makes this piece easy to work into your wardrobe.
  1. This look works best if you have a skirt with an elastic waist line. Team it with a similar crop or basic tee and you're good to go!

2.  As you can see below the elasticity in the waist band allows you to wear it as a strapless top as well! Here I have paired it with a denim mini.


If you are anything like me, you can never have enough clothes! My husband constantly curses at the size of my bag every time we pack up and move onto the next destination. Oops!

Any way, we can laugh about it one day! Below I have put together a packing list for what I think is appropriate for the South East Asia/European destinations I have visited.

Let me know in the comments below if you think I should add anything!

  1. I started off with about 18 pairs of UNDERWEAR but have gradually ditched some and now I am living off about 10 pairs. I think thats a fair amount as sometimes its really hard to find time to do laundry. So, more the merrier! Plus 1 BRA and a couple of bralettes.
  2. Gym gear. I packed 2 pairs of RUNNING TIGHTS, 2 SPORTS BRAS and two gym tops. My intentions were good! Obviously you can get away with 1 pair of each.
  3. Shoes. I packed a pair of white sneakers for the fact that they go with most outfits and are super comfy. 1 pair of RUNNERS for treks and exercise. Haviana's, (AKA thongs or flip flops) I never step into a shower without them! A pair of dressier sandals for going out at night and or during the day. (I may have packed 2 more pairs of sandals, but lets keep that to ourselves!)
  4. 2-4 types of different BOTTOMS for the warmer days. I have 2x SKIRTS and 2x pairs of SHORTS
  5. 1-2 pairs of LONG PANTS I have my favourite black Sass & Bide jeans that go with everything and a comfier boyfriend style pant for cold aeroplanes and trains etc..
  6. 2x JACKETS I have one denim and one Kathmandu feather down for the really cold days.
  7. 1-2x SUMMER DRESSES I generally go for the off-the-shoulder or shoe string strap dresses.
  8. 3-4x TOPS. I packed 3 tees, 1 stripe, 2 plain. Short story, they go with everything. Make sure you pack some longer sleeved items as in some countries females are required to cover up. A light scarf or sarong will also do the trick. So do your research before hand.
  9. COSMETICS. I try to keep this category to a minimum, especially in the warmer countries where I don't wear make up. So, I literally packed the basics which included: Compact powder, mascara, eye liner, eye-shadow and bronzing duo tinted moisturiser and a tinted lip balm. But each to their own. 
  10. TOILETRIES. Coming from a hairdressing back ground, I always pack professional hair care. Unfortunately this takes up space and weight! I use a range of products like: JOICO, DE LORENZO, MOROCCAN OIL, REDKEN etc.. And then obviously your other boring essentials like a packet of razors, ear buds, sun cream, tweezers, scissors and all that jazz!
  11. A GOOD BOOK &/OR NETFLIX. I have watched countless episodes and movies on my Netflix app. It's a life saver.
  12. ADDED EXTRAS. Laptop, camera, camera equipment, GoPro, Drone. All of your chargers and adapters. Sunglasses, head phones, note book and pen etc..

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it is of use to some of you!  


PLEASE NOTE: We are not sponsored by these brands below. We purely want to help and inspire you. These are products that we use ourselves and trust. If you purchase through the link, we do make a small commission from the sale and this helps us keep this website live :) 

Thank you. B&D

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