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Travel tips for NUSA PENIDA, Bali

Travel tips for NUSA PENIDA, Bali

Hi, Britney here!

I wanted to talk about the Bali's most Instagrammable island called Nusa Penida. This place truly leaves you speechless. Nusa Penida is the largest of 3 islands just a half an hour boat ride south/east of Bali. It's no wonder that people are flying there from all corners of the world! Here I am sharing with you a few of our personal tips and insights from our recent experience. 

  1. Book the fast boat from Sanur a couple of days in advance. You should pay around 500,000 Rupiah one way for a couple. There are a few companies that do this trip, we went with Caspla, although you can book tickets through most travel desks on the streets.
  2. Renting a scooter to get around the island is your best bet. WARNING: The main roads are in pretty good condition but once you start heading inland, it turns to VERY tough terrain. Be prepared for a slow and uncomfortable ride. You should pay around 60,000 Rupiah per day for a scooter. 
  3. I would suggest staying a minimum of 2 nights on the island. It is rather big and due to the poor roads, it takes you longer to get around. We stayed 3 nights and could have comfortably accomplished everything in 2.
  4. Cheap accommodation on the island, in the same words is CHEAP! You certainly get what you pay for. Our first night we paid $17 AUD at the Jasmine Inn and it was terrible. No ventilation, the window didn't lock and had no fly screen. The room had a foul smell and there was no sink to brush your teeth in. Also don't expect warm water on this island, both places we stayed in only had cold salty water.
  5. Our last two nights we stayed in Nusa Jineng Bungalows and paid $37 AUD per night. This was a little better. They were super cute huts on the beach. They included Air-con a comfy bed and a good breakfast. 
  6. Wear appropriate inclosed shoes when making your way around to the points of interest. Especially for Kelingking Beach. Most of the treks down to the beaches and waterfalls are very sketchy.
  7. If you want un-interupted views I would suggest waking up early to beat the crowds. It's no longer the quiet island its known to be. Although, in saying that, I was there during peak season which could make a huge difference.



Must See's!

  1. Kelingking Beach - AKA, T-Rex,  has become a favourite amongst travellers. The cliff formation here is just incredible. BUT pretty views come with a cost, and I'm not talking about money.. If you're game enough you can hike down to the Secret Point Beach where you must walk across the ridge of the cliff and the lack of safety is exactly what I expected! I have noticed that within the past 12 months or so they have built a not so sturdy bamboo railing guiding your way down. After your sweaty, bone shaking trek you can indulge in a fresh coconut at the top where you will find 4 little warungs (Indonesian restaurants).
  2. Angel's Billabong and Broken Beach - These 2 Pinterest famous shots are very close together. Again if you are traveling during peak season I would suggest going early to beat the swam of day trippers. Angels Billabong is a place to experience in a quiet and relaxed time of day, especially after the horrendous road trip in getting there!
  3. Manta Bay - On your way back from the above locations you pass this view point.  It isn't really on anyones radar but if you want to see huge sea turtles swimming in the clear green waters. You should definitely make a pit stop here. 
  4. Crystal Bay - This is the only beach that is easy to get to and does not involve trekking down a dangerous cliff! If you are after beautiful white sands and aqua blue waters this is the place to be. It is also known to show off an incredible sunset!
  5. Atuh Beach - We didn't make it to this beach as it was on the other side of the island and we really couldn't deal with any more torrential roads. But I would highly recommend making your way here!
  6. Seganing Falls and look out - This was our first stop on the island and the views are out of this world! We were welcomed by some huge manta rays swimming below in the ocean. It was a really incredible experience, which doesn't seem that common, as the lovely balinese man working at the stall on the look out was so excited to see them himself. We didn't venture down to the falls as it looked sketchy as hell! You are literally walking down steps that are carved into the cliff side. There is a severe drop to the rocks below! Plus we read that the waterfall is more like a trickle of water. We didn't want to risk our lives or waste our time.
  7. Local Villages - On our second day we decided to stick to the main roads and go for a ride through the local villages and see what we could find. We rode from the west (where we were staying) through the north end over to the east side. Picture happy little kids running along the road high-fiving you with not a care in the world. We also stumbled across sea weed farming which was really cool! 






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