It all started when...

We both had an untameable desire to travel the world, both, as individuals and now as newly weds. We couldn't think of a better time in our lives than now, so, we quite our jobs, got married and bought a one way ticket London.

Britney is a fun and enthusiastic stylist who works within the fashion industry. Previously the Fashion Assistant for Who Magazine in Sydney, Australia, Britney is now working for the iconic luxury department store Harrods as an Online Stylist in London. Britney also manages the Seek See Travel website, as well as her personal Instagram brand @BritneyKing. Britney prides herself in creativity and innovation, while creating unique content for each and every collaboration.

Damien has worked in the medical industry for the past 5+ years and has recently claimed the title of Business Development Manager for EBR Systems.

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